should I send my kid to go to kindergarten or no?

August 18, 2010 1:33am CST
I have one baby and he is two years and one month old until this September.I am hesitating if I should send him to go to kindergarten or no. One aspect is I have to give up my job to take care of him by myself.And thought my kid is only more a little two years old,but he is grew up very well.Everyone who didn't know him will say he have three or four years old.He can be verbal communication well with others.The uppermost,he has one defect in the same age.He can't eat a meal nicely by himself and he has to eat much in one meal.So this is very apprehensively for me.If he can be exercised well when he go to kindergarten or will be influenced unhealthful arrival time.This is the most contradiction for me. When I feed him every meal I feel so tired,and then I always if he can be better when go to kindergarten.But I also feel worry he is so young to suit the kindergarten life. What is the best for him?I really don't know.I am sure I hope to do the best for him.But how will be the best?Go to kindergarten or no? Go.Will take so much inelasticity. No go.Can't practise his colony life. So contradictory...Who can tell me?Just think over better for him,don't think over the economy too much.
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@eileenleyva (10984)
• Philippines
18 Aug 10
In our country, commercialism had infiltrated education, especially in preschool. That is why we now have nursery, kinder 1, kinder 2, and prep before 1st grade. How important are these toddler levels before formal schooling? No importance at all. Why? Simply because these are the formative years when the child needs bonding with the mother. The child needs not only the image of the mother, but her voice, her skin, her touch. The child learns all the basics from the mother, or the father, and not the school teacher. Keep your child under your care. No education is worth you. Then when your child is ready to handle himself amidst children his age, then he is ready for school.
• China
18 Aug 10
Thank you so much for your comments.I know how to do now.If I have the choose to go kindergarten together with him to do the kindergarener.I will send him into.But if no.I think I will also take him intently until he is three years old...Nothing is the most important for him except motherhood when he is so young..
@jayen28 (84)
13 May 11
for me its a big YES. because it is a foundation of your child for him to be ready for a formal schooling. but before you enroll him you may considered his age and his readiness. I enrolled my child in nursery when she is two and half old. I see to it that she enjoying what she doing in school and I always asked if she happy when she playing with others kids in school, when I got a positive respond from her I'm fell so happy and now she is in grade school and I never experience a bad comment from her teacher because I teach her to be independent at her young age. As a hands on mother it is for your judgement if your child is ready for a new world. and beside when you enroll him on nursery or kindergarten he learn to be friendly and meet a new friends and experience a outside world. but be always guided.