do u make god a priority in your life??

United States
August 18, 2010 10:20am CST
what's the first thing u do wen u wake up? do u say a prayer to think ur god for giving u another day of life? has religion begun to fade into the background? how important is ur god to u?
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@jenitha (47)
• India
16 Sep 10
For the the day will be good only if I start with prayer. As soon as i get up i will close my eyes and pray.I will read Bible and pray in morning. Whenever i go out i will pray and go. Now a days i try to meditate on the Bible verse i read for the day. Wow the words are really very powerful and if i start thinking about the verse meaning it reveals lot about God's love and power.
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• Philippines
20 Aug 10
I try my best to start my day, as soon as I wake up in the morning, to say a prayer for the day and before going to bed I also say my prayers for the night and thanksgiving for everything that happened that day. In between I try to talk to Him too as I believe that He is a personal God and I can talk to Him anytime I want just about everything.
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• Belarus
18 Aug 10
Me... Well I do believe in God, but I don't say prayers. My dad says that God and the Universe are the same thing. If you want something, if you believe that you have it, that you can have it, you'll get it. But when I wake up I say "What a beautiful day, I have the feeling that this will be a great day!!" and after that I say "Thank you" for everything I have. Like brother, family, friends and everything and everyone I love.
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@ashok1 (225)
• India
14 Sep 11
In my life I tried to give my JESUS CHRIST the first priority because in this world everything will go off only GOD will be with us after our life also. If we give first priority to GOD in our life, surely GOD won't make us to go down, he will lift up high. You will blessed one to all.
• China
30 Dec 10
I am a atheist.God can't keep me in awe and veneration.
@rosekiss (30270)
• Eugene, Oregon
21 Dec 10
To me a day without prayer or God is not a very good dsayl. I always pray everyday, especially before I even open the bible to read it. I ask God to be with me throughout the day, and to put into my heart what he wants me to know from his word, so I can tell others when the need arises. That is what we are all to do is to be witnesses of Him daily, but living our lives the way Jesus would want us to,and and take Him with us wherever we go. I don't know where I would be without God, as he has helped me int eh good times and bad. Take care, and have a blessed Christmas.