Hungry Ghost Festival or Chinese 7th month

August 18, 2010 10:24am CST
have not seen any post or discussion about it, so would do a little discussion about it. In the chinese custom, there is a month in the lunar calendar (usually is later than the calendar we are using now by a month eg august would usually be then chinese 7th month), where we say that the gates of hell would be opened allowing the people that are suffering in hell to allow them to "eat", reason being is that the people that are suffering there are not allowed the eat for the whole year till the next 7th month. In this month, there would be lots of people in Singapore would have offerings and burned paper money to give them asking them to "bless" them to have a good year. But in the Buddhist way, we says that in this month is a month where the master eg monks would not ask for alms for this month as they are meditating and study the ways of buddhism a rule made by buddha himself. therefore descendants would give offering to the master and ask them to help the the deceased to pray and hope that they would have a better afterlife or rebirth. but regarding of that story to why this rule was made by Buddha, probably would have to make another discussion about it. Anyway after listening to the 2 different kind of saying which version have you heard before?? and just for your information, this month is the chinese 7th month.
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@lulu1220 (1010)
• United States
18 Aug 10
I have not heard off this before but sounds very interesting.
• Australia
21 Aug 10
it is, but it seems not much people are interested. anyway it is also about this period where many people would have seen or experience some things. it is also advise not to go home too late in the night. maybe i should try opening a discussion about people who are born with 3rd eyes(also meaning that they could see ghost).