Bundesliga is starting this weekend!

August 18, 2010 11:53am CST
What do you feel or think about the German National Football League(Bundesliga)? Do you like it? Do you watch it? If you do, what is your favorite team? Who do you think will win it? Who is your favorite player from the Bundesliga? I am a great Bayern fan since 1998 and I watch Bundesliga since then. I am positive that this year is going to be ours again, because Bayern hasn't made any transfer, only the loan players have returned. What is your opinion?
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@VRamone (325)
• Brazil
21 Aug 10
well in my opinion Bundesliga is a nice league,and iw atch it sometimes,but honestly i prefer the english league .=) which bayern are u a fan of? munchen or leverkusen? i hope bayern munchen wins =)
• Romania
22 Aug 10
I am a Bayern Munchen fan, Leverkusen is Bayer, without n. But is a common mistake, many tend to do it. Bayern means Bavaria, the part of Germany where Munchen is and it is the capital of Bavaria, and Bayer is a medicine factory, they are famous for the Aspirine. I wrote this for you to know, not for arguing. As for the fact that you prefer the Premier League, it is okay, everybody watches whatever he likes and wants. But I thought of opening this discussion to talk about Bundesliga, maybe there are some Bundesliga fans here.
@sjlskl (3384)
• Singapore
19 Aug 10
Sorry but I don't watch the Bundesliga. I have watch it a couple of times but find the action very slow. The first time I fell asleep watching a game happens to be a Bundesliga match.
• Romania
19 Aug 10
When was the last time you watched a game from the Bundesliga? Maybe you should watch the game on Friday night between Bayern and Wolfsburg. I am absolutely sure that you will like it, because it will be a special game. But I cannot force you, everybody watches whatever he wants to.
@thekelz (277)
• United Kingdom
18 Aug 10
Is the Bundesliga good. I have never watched it. I'm from England so I watch the premier league, but I think it's overrated. I prefer to watch La Liga, we get 4 games a wekend on satalite T.V. So please tell me what the bundesliga is like, is it fast and furious or is it more technical and slower paced.
• Romania
19 Aug 10
Bundesliga is a championship based on attack, every time when is a fixture there are many goals scored, although the goalkeepers are very good. Maybe the tempo is not so fast, but definitely is a league to watch. The stadiums are full, many stars have come recently to play in the Bundesliga, and there are definitely many games worth watching. Players usually give 100 percent and want to win every game. So I would recommend it.