What makes you love your spouse?

United States
August 18, 2010 4:13pm CST
As you all know I am still single looking for my share of love...I would like to read sme nice stories on your loves. I think it is very nice to have someone in your life. I am very busy with everything right now. But,I would make time to have a relationship.......How do you keep the love alive? Have a blessed day!
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@MrDollars (454)
• Australia
19 Aug 10
I am single also but if I was to be in a relationship I would make time for us to talk, be honest and open, loyal. Take interest in their interests etc. Sound like such a kiss a$$ haha but nah, that is what I would do and hopefully it would last. $-MrDollars-$
@Suggar (3612)
• Bulgaria
18 Aug 10
Hello Linda I got a lot of reasons to love my man. One of all is that he is ready to do everything for me. I can see the love in his eyes and the care he is feeling about me. He is doing everything i ask him for. I don't go too far, because i don't want he to loose that wish. As example - i'm working online now. Not here, here is mostly for fun, somewhere else, and he plays pc games, because he wants to wait me finish my work and go to bed together. That's really something important for me, it's a kind of support and i know i won't be bored when i'm with him. We always do things together. I'm not sure how good is that, because some people say that if we spend a lot of time together, it will be boring for us, we will know each other too much and the passion will die. But actually i love him more and more every day. With his little mistakes, with the things i tell him and he doesn't hear at all and ask again and again 100 times a day And i can see his love when i make mistakes, how naturally is he laughing at me, and how he is trying to help me for everything. I feel like every day i meet some interesting part of him i didn't know until now. I feel great when we go bed and say that great things what make the relationship really happy. Little things are very important for me. Without it, it wouldn't be the same.