remembering the first date with our lovers

August 18, 2010 11:18pm CST
It's nice to reminisce all the first time that we had with out partners.., and it never fails to paint a smile on my lips every time i recall it.., how young we were that time.., and very childish too., we had our first date in a park in our place.., It was early evening and i was fresh from renal stone removal procedure...imagine how aggressive i was..=) we sat on the bench.., i was young and very inlove.., that was the first time he hugged me..and it was really sweet... and the rest is about you..? care to share your first magic moments with your lovers? =)
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@jonnifc (1021)
• Philippines
19 Aug 10
Our first date was when my bf proposed to court me. Imagine! Courting at this day and age! But I loved it because I think it's sweet. He said it's his first time to court. With his previous relationships, they just hooked up. So that means he was serious with his intentions. He was so nervous on that date that he probably drank more than 10 glasses of iced tea. By the was it was over lunch. Haha! Then I remember our first kiss. It was on the night we had my best friend's going away party at a bar. My friend still wanted to party so he offered to take me home. He still wasn't my bf then. We were alone talking in the living room at that time. It was around 4:30am already. I thought no one in the house was awake. It was quite a long kiss. A few minutes later I walked him to the door and we saw that there was a kettle of water heating up on the stove. I knew it was for my cousin. Until now we both don't know if my cousin saw us that night. LOL!
• Philippines
20 Aug 10
hahaha... sweet..! i'm sure your cousin must have seen you..=) kidding..