August 18, 2010 11:59pm CST
Truth is i loved those things when they were still fruits. Nowadays the addiction to these things really scare me, I mean people can be on their bb for 18hrs and im talking about students who should utilise their time reading and doing something worthwhile instead they check their notifications on Facebook n other social sites. Any idea how we can help them fight this addiction????
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@ladyhaly (92)
• Philippines
25 Sep 10
To tell you the truth, smartphones nowadays aren't just for show; it's all about making a person more productive in a more fun way. Having more friends isn't exactly a bad thing as well as sharing stuff like photos and videos and commenting on other people's status updates. Socializing with people and communicating with them is mentally stimulating. It's one of the ways to decrease the risk of getting Alzheimer's Disease which is the most widespread form of Dementia around the globe. Even businessmen are fond of smartphones because it makes communication a lot easier. One can never have too many connections. In the past, there was a limit as to how many friends you can actually keep if you revolved your life towards socialization. Now we can do more with these gadgets. We can go to Facebook, say our messages to different people, tell them what we need to tell them as well as schedule a get together sometime in the future, and then go on with your life. With regards to creativity, you have music, high resolution and high definition videos, and different applications to help people with those kind of pursuits. It's getting easier and easier for people to venture into amateur film making and photography and see if they can do more. Also, the new smartphones nowadays usually have an e-book reader with them and that's just totally cool for me. I'm a bookworm and as much as I love books, it's also a drag to carry them around all of the time. I'm a small, petite girl and carrying heavy stuff around never sat well with me. That's why I ended up with a mild form of scoliosis; because I always carried lots of books around in a backpack during high school. These days, one can go to school or a trip and not have to carry the whole bookshelf in order to satisfy a reading hunger; you just need your phone. You also just need your phone in order to listen to instructional/educational audio files or watch educational videos--- even demo videos of how to perform certain skills. For example, videos of how to perform an intradermal injection. Say, a skin test. And there are even more stuff to aid one's productivity... Alarms, notes, reminders, calendars that you can basically turn into your personal organizer and journal, etc. Heck, they even have calculators--- basic and scientific--- that could help in certain situations and jobs. There are even map integrations on smartphones nowadays that help you find your way on an unfamiliar place or simply help you not get lost... Help you save time in order to find that certain restaurant you need to meet someone to. Say, a business partner. Heck, even a date. Or perhaps that certain bookstore that stocks that certain book you need... Like medical textbooks. I've never really owned a game console in my entire life unless you count the desktop and the laptop... Other than that, none. And I still don't want to. But smartphones are another thing. I get all the hype with them because they are innovative devices that aid a person's life to be more productive, more creative, more fun, and memorable. I imagine that both Blackberry and Apple and all other manufacturing companies out there including HTC, Samsung, Sony Ericsson, Nokia, and Motorola really vision their devices as a revolutionary gadget that would put make humanity accomplish more in so little time. So please don't hate on the phones... I do believe that it all depends on the owner of those said phones. An lazy person is a lazy person. Get that device and put it in the hands of another and you see excellence; take that from an airhead's hands and chances are even if you deprive those people with any kind of technology, they still wouldn't want to read books. If Harry Potter couldn't convince them to love reading and studying, nothing will.
@Renhard (3480)
• Jamaica
19 Aug 10
To tell you the only way someone can get me off my blackberry is when my data plan has expired and i have no money to reconnect it. Now that is the only way?