It's Buwan ng Wika.

United States
August 19, 2010 12:38am CST
I'm guessing that many schools are forcing kids into doing some kind of poetry, singing, wear old school Filipino clothing, poster art, etc, etc, etc in their school program again. Just like every year kids are forced to do these things even if they don't know what they are for. Most of them think it's for grades so as long as they participate it becomes its okay. And also that the school funds can be justified. Do you think Buwan ng Wika means a lot to a kid who is only concerned about their grades? I'm not angry at schools but I'm just saying that most of the kids like me didn't care much about the buwan ng wika but the extra credit the teacher will give us. What do you think of jejemon? I think jejemon is not only filipino, I saw some of my malaysian friends who type like them, I conclude its worldwide. In further research I found out it is called sticky caps which started a long time ago.