Man Jailed Over Facebook 'Friend' Requests

United States
August 19, 2010 1:40am CST
News Source: Today's technology has made it easy for us to access other peoples' information, within milliseconds. Harry Bruder was obviously not bright enough to know how fast the information high was but she knew it was easy. That is how Harry got caught. As fast as he could send two separate occasions to speak to his wife on Facebook, took less time for her to report him. I am not here to speak about Harry's defiance against the police order but why his wife would still do that. There may be several reasons but the obvious reason was the friend request. There could of been many possible options Harry's wife could of took but it obviously was the cold heart, ruin peoples' lively hood, and most likely out of spite. From her actions, Harry was fined $5,000 and was sent to jail. The man may have suffered the pain of losing his wife that could have helped him reflect on changes that may possible occur to improve his life. Harry's is now possibly facing social and physiological changes within the walls of the jail. He could of meet a lovely women that may have motivated this individual to become a better person but now he is suffering in jail, not only in pain but thinking of non-positive thoughts that may not be healthy for him or her. I do not like how the American system has developed these outrages rules for individuals that may not have violent backgrounds. It may be possible that he may be violent and his claims on the women facing abusive relationships. I would assume, she may have faced many abusive relationship that may have lead her to reaction in such a harsh way. A way that may be backed with a motivative of revenge. She may be just as dangerous as that individual that could possibly have ruined a man's life if only she gave him the opportunity to speak through technology. I understand that when we speak face to face many emotional and body language can change the mood of an individuals willingness to speak or participate. But only though emails and online social networks can we ignore these factors and hopefully create a resolutions to the reason why the divorce came up. Instead of profiting from peoples' misery, why not help them. Instead of paying the pockets of the lawyers, the criminal justice field, the judge, and other middlemen that are possibly involves, why not help the people. With genuine happiness people can change and hopefully learn and remain positive.
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