do you BElieVE in these curses?(PLEASE READ)

August 19, 2010 1:43am CST
I have recently read one good article on this topic and I searched on Internet and found some Interesting Information. So I just want to share With You this information. You might think curses only happen in scary films, but there are some freaky coincidences in real life. Here are Some Examples....... 1. Curse Of the Kohinoor, The HOPE DIAMOND(mined in India): The Hope Diamond is a brilliant blue diamond, famous for its size 46 carats or 9 g and more interestingly, the alleged Hope Curse. The origins of the fantastic jewel is shrouded in mystery. Claims range from it being stolen from the eye of a sculpture of the goddess Sita, to an ancient Indian mine 350 years ago. Kohinoor....It is India's Diamond....It was in temple of RAMA(Indian God)and stolen by various people........ PLEASE READ HISTORY HERE..... Those who own the Hope Diamond seem to have extremely bad luck, with dozens of reports includings: the original owner being torn apart by dogs in Russia, King Louis XVI being beheaded, the mutilation of Princesse de Lamballe, and the insanity of the jewelers who handled the diamond. 2. Superman Curse: People involved with media adaptations of the DC superhero Superman seem to meet unfortunate accidents. The lists consists of almost two dozen people,... most famously Christopher Reeve, who played Superman in the film series. He was thrown from a horse and paralyzed as a result.... 3. The curse of PHAROS: YOU all very well knwo about this... 4. Kennedy Curse: Many members of the famous and influential Kennedy family have suffered and died from strange causes. This has led many to believe the family are cursed. Most famously are the Kennedy brothers John and Robert, both assassinated by gunshots, and John Jr.,..... who was killed in an airplane crash along with his wife and sister-in-law.....
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@tomitomi (5441)
• Singapore
19 Aug 10
Interesting link, good read. Thanks crazy! Seems hard not to believe but to believe would just be a self-fulfilling prophecy. A great dilemma in a way. I don't actually challenge them and I don't believe in them either. We are strong enough to fight those curses as much as we change the negatives into positives.
• United States
19 Aug 10
I think the kohinoor diamond is exquisite, I could see how many believe such a precious stone would ruin their lives. It certainly would improve mine. LOL
@vandana7 (64874)
• India
19 Aug 10
Hi Crazy - you are really nuts!!! Ok - suppose you tell me whether kohinoor diamond was worn by any of the jews in Auschwitz, because I cant think of anything more inhuman than such things. Or the Japanese massacre at Nanking. :) Even back home, the Hindu Muslim riots, or Gujarat Riots, or Jalianwala bag, whatever. :) Do you know the spelling of coincidences kiddo? :) Just that. :)
@thanks1961 (7049)
• India
19 Aug 10
Hi dear, This is a few cases which happened to few famous people. If this is the case, there may millions of cases to many people. Also, these are known cases and several incidents may be there which is untold and not aware to the public. One thing is sure, if we make a relation and analyse, there are positive arguments for the same. If you not relate the facts and consider the things as casual, we cannot see anything much in this. So, it depends on the person. Conventionally, we used to say the curses, may happen at times. But not necessary. These all are based on our mental reading and people make a relationship with the incidents and facts. We still believe, if you keep certain things at home at particular places, it is good and the same thing keep in a different place, the result will be something else. So, these are analysed and provided different connotations differently. But truth, I don’t know, what it is - just for the sake, may be or may not be. As always say, your faith is the thing which guide you. If yes, yes. If not, no. That is it. Regards, Thank-s