Would you stand and watch two people fighting?

United States
August 19, 2010 11:23am CST
Many times fights break out in my neighborhood I go into my house. I was looking at this crazy picture. Saw someone standing there watching and thought about this. I don't like to see kids fighting so I always try to break it up. I know if I saw these two fighting I could not stand and watch.........Have a great day!
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@MrDollars (454)
• Australia
7 Oct 10
I think I would go and ask what was up. Not to be nosy but because people can fight over the most stupidest things ever! So I would ask to see what I could do to help. Life is really too short to fight over things. Although, I admit somethings people do to us are unforgivable which can lead to arguments for years. Whether it being punch ups or verbal abuse. So yeah I would just ask and try to help sort it out. I like to try and do my part lol. $-MrDollars-$
19 Aug 10
Not at all.If ever I would see two people engaged in a fight then as a woman and can't really rely on my strength to meddle with them then I would rather go somewhere and ask for help.This is the best thing that I could do for creating peace to the problem.Someone has to care and make a move to help restore peace.
@Ravi446 (57)
• India
19 Aug 10
Yes i agree with you,you should stop them fighting and discuss with them.But sometimes it is not always possible for example what if they dont listen to you or bother about you sometimes you may also get beatings or scoldings What i mean to say is that i dont say that quarrel should be continued.But i say that bring some people from your side help them solve their problem(if you really want to solve your problem). It's just my thought.hope you will agree with this.
@cryw0lf (1302)
• United Kingdom
19 Aug 10
I hate when this happens. Its extremely awkward... Like the other day, two taxi men were fighting because one jumped the queue, it was such a nasty happening, fists flying everywhere etc. A very awkward situation indeed. Worst part was, we ended up getting in the taxi of one of the guys that was involved. :|
@hotpink89 (134)
• United States
19 Aug 10
its very sad no people just fight, that's why when verbally conflict starts someone should just walk away, personally for me if i saw someone who was close to me i would try to help and stop the fight but not cause it anymore! but for someone conflict is the way to solve things that could end up into dangerous things.