hi guys^^ did someone offered you a dating ring? how was it?^^

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August 19, 2010 12:22pm CST
hi guys^^ did someone offered you a dating ring? how was it? about me i never received :( wish one day i receive^^
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• Canada
19 Aug 10
My boyfriend brought up that subject once.. He wanted to give me some type of promise ring. Hasn't happened yet though. At the time I wasn't sure what that meant to him.. I also felt it was a little too soon.. But I think I'll be receiving that ring soon, it's been a few months since then.
• Portugal
20 Aug 10
aww thats very nice^^ i wish he gives it to you soon^^ its so sweet when both use a ring^^ me i never received so sad but wish to receive soon ahah^^ anyway what you said to him for him to dont give you that time? you said was too soon? anyway since how long are you with him? i dont have bf now but i wish when i have one he wants to give me bcs some guys dont like those things^^
• Canada
23 Aug 10
I didn't have to say much. He's like too soon right? I'm like yea kinda.. We've been together like 4 months now I think.
• Portugal
13 Sep 10
ahah you are funny^^ but you are right^^ but the worst story i heard was one that happened in my school. my friend told me that a in the day this guy would give dating rings to his gf she broke up with him O_O can you imagine the guy's schock? my god it must had been really sad. anyway for what my friend said they were dating at one month only and he would give her already so yes is too soon but so sorry for the guy. he should had really love her and ended heartbroken :( thank god you love your bf^^