What is my life coming to now?

August 19, 2010 4:36pm CST
I know it's my fault for not realizing my license had expired, but when I booked my road test to get my full license, I never dreamed that I would fail and have to repeat the process all over again. My job was my life and now it hangs in the balance due to the fact that I can't drive anymore. I will now be wasting money on insurance, and my vehicle may have to stay parked in the driveway indefinitely until I can come up with the money for my written test and start driving again. It's either that, or keep paying insurance until I get my license back, and endure another year of higher premiums until I can get my full license in 2 years. I'm at odds with myself. I never had the time or money to go finish my license, nor did I have enough highway driving experience to do this earlier. Then again, I really still don't have the experience although I've had my license for 5 years. My boss is freaking, I'm spazzing, I don't know what to do anymore, but I know there isn't anything I can do but start over again. I really wish things were different, that I could go back in time and change it all. I'd know not to screw around and put it off until it was too late. Things could be different if I'd done that. I don't know where I stand with my job now, and with a move looming in 2 weeks, I'm wondering what's going to happen after that.
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@buenavida (8290)
• Sweden
6 Mar 11
Dear friend, I hope everything is solved now, as more than half the year has passed. It would be interesting to learn what your life looks like this time. We can often learn from even the bad experiences. I hope things are OK or at least better.. have a great day..
• Canada
7 Mar 11
Sometimes I worry for no reason, and this was one of those times. Despite failing the test, I found that I could fast track through it and not have to wait 2 years to get my license. But in that time, after passing the written and the first road test, I failed the second one again. I was just nervous and the weather wasn't co-operating for me. So now, I have 4 years to complete this again, so I'm taking my time, but not waiting until it's too late. It will give me time to get some highway driving in, and save the money to hopefully have a better vehicle for the road test. I can drive, and my insurance dropped, but once I get my full license, it will drop even further, which is a bonus.
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• United States
8 Mar 11
Many of us in life have put off and or made so many decisions that we can look back and wished we had done them different. One thing for sure it is part of life. I do not base my decisions on people for past errors, because I am the type of person that looks for the betterment of everyone. I have made many wrongs in my life and it is what has made me the strong and good person I am today. As the old phrase goes if at first we do not succeed we dust off and try again.