My newborn will die in 14 days? You've got to be kidding me...

August 19, 2010 7:05pm CST
From my previous posts I mentioned that I gave birth last August 3. It was so sad that I had to leave my newborn in the hospital for at least 2 weeks due to possible infection as shown by his lab tests. I was able to take him home last Friday but he had some take home medicines for two days. Last Tuesday we went to his pediatrician for a follow - up check up. He said my baby needs to undergo the test again. Aside from that they need to repeat his newborn screening. I got scared when he mentioned the newborn screening thing. I went to the laboratory. They took another blood sample from Gavin. I asked the staff there why they need to have a repeat collection for my baby's newborn screening. They said he is positive for Congenital Adrenal Hyperplasia. If he will be positive again in the 2nd test he needs to be treated immediately or else he will die in 14 days. She said this as if we were just having a normal conversation. I cried and asked what needs to be done. According to them they will contact me once the result of the second test is ready. Two days have passed and still no result. I'm in a panic mode right now and been depressed for almost three weeks now. It's so hard specially that the Nanny left without letting us know. Good thing my husband and I were both at home when she left. She has not came back yet. That's the reason my Mom will be here by plane this Saturday to help look after my 10 months old and three weeks old sons. I don't know why all these bad things seem to be happening now. I hope all of these will be over soon.
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@jujunme (2440)
• United States
21 Aug 10
My heart goes out to you and your son. Please get a second opinion or third if you can. So many people are mis-diagnosed and the fact that they still have'nt notified you of the results, might be a good thing, since they told you how important the 2nd test would you think they would have notified you by now, if it were a true emergency. Every time i hear something like this, it makes me so angry and sad. your child , like all children deserve a fair shot in life. Please keep in touch and let us know how all this turns out. my hope and prayers are with you and your baby boy.
• Philippines
23 Aug 10
Thank you! We have the same feeling. Each time I learn about babies who were not given or did not have a chance to live and grow I also feel angry. I feel that way because I'm a mother. If any of my children will be hurt I'll feel hurt million times. That's how it is to be a parent. We will know the result this Tuesday. It also helped that my Mom is now here. She gives me strength. I'm confident my newborn will be perfectly fine. I believe in the power of mind and that we should always remain positive. A lot of people who love and care for us have been praying for him too. That's why I know we will make it through. This is just a challenge our family needs to overcome so that we'll be stronger. Thank you again and I'd definitely would be excited to finally post it here in Mylot that "Hey! My baby Gavin is perfectly fine!!!" I'm looking forward for me to be able to finally post that here. Take care...