Are you watching big brother?

big brother  - No matt is not going home..
United States
August 19, 2010 7:15pm CST
I found that i don't want matt to go home. I like the way he plays the game. I think he should be hoh next week as well. Who do you want to go home? Oh I forgot Matt is not going home he has the diamond tonight. I just wish he did not have to use it right now......Have a great day!
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@jaypeesol (219)
• Philippines
23 Aug 10
I live in the Philippines, but I watch the US version of Big Brother. I like it better than our version because you have HoHs and Power of Vetoes and you can strategize with housemates which makes the game interesting. Right now Britney is the HoH and she has nominated Brendon and Enzo. I am kind of rooting for Brendon because he is the underdog right now, and it's always interesting to see people's plans fail. I am hoping Enzo goes home this week. He doesn't win challenges and only got far because of his alliances. If he goes, then everyone in the house (except Lane) have won a challenge, and the competitions will be interesting then.
@killersss (639)
• India
23 Aug 10
well, i live in india i watch big boss, same concept. but i have watched big brother earlier and i love it too. i think this whole concept is great. you talking about matt, he's playing games and all. i think you don't want him to go because he makes the show interesting :) he will be in the top 3 if he continues the same work. you have to create trp's if you want to continue in the show else you will be gone home. i love people who play games and try to create problem in that show, that is why i watch it and what is why i love it.
@MrDollars (454)
• Australia
21 Aug 10
No Big Brother show is on here in Australia right now so I can not watch it. I know you are talking about the show that is playing in your country but none is playing here yet. I do not even know if it will come back on again. It was an alright show though. I just do not get obsessed with it like people can do. haha $-MrDollars-$