Where is my key?

@yeyezz (196)
August 19, 2010 7:43pm CST
I got up at six this morning,after that i had surfed on the internet for half an hour.It spents half an hour brushing my teeth and washing my face.My friend went to work at seven.She left me the key to lock the door when she was about to leave.Forget to say, the key was put in the floor.The floor is in a mess. After going toilet ,i did't find the key .I put the something which is on the floor in order.But i still find my key.Does someone steal the key or Is it still on the floor? I don't know where it is now. i can't go to work today and kept back 400 cents from my wages. The lost key spent me so much. I hate it. But where is it now?
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