Toneday is making me mad!!!!

August 19, 2010 8:45pm CST
i know a lot of people have recieved payments from toneday, But what is happening now is not pleasing at all. I am new there so i m in the qualifying level. I have almost reached the 2 dollars and now its no longer submiting, Even if It does it will do so after 4to 5failed attempts. Is this just their way of discouraging people???
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@keshia2007r (2886)
• United States
20 Aug 10
i am also new and at $2, and my account is still in the qualification process to see if im qualified to participate. its been 3 days and it is discouraging, but i will wait to see what happens. because i know they do pay but i would also like to know what is going on. i'll wait for other mylotters to comment!
@dccell (337)
• Indonesia
20 Aug 10
dear friend every one don`t like any spam do they? right every body don`t. as we know limbix are trying to make a nice software that never build before, definitely they don`t want their thing based on spammy data , my advise is take your time to rate word every word don`t rush , they pay us give them equal effort they deserve. thanks by the way i received my 6th payment few around two hours ago.
20 Aug 10
Seriously... it is really frustrating now. Now keshia are you trying to tell me that after you reached 2 dollars no cashout?lol My God n here i am thinking i ll get my first pay when i pass this qualifying level. Or am i getting it all wrong?? And dccell you say you are in your 6th payment,man thats so nice. Soyou would be in a better position to explain. Thanks for the response.