how to tell a person in a nice way that she/he is insolent?

August 19, 2010 9:47pm CST
There is this person who went overboard but i don't know how to deal with it. that person is my driving instructor. While i was driving, he asked me if i go to school and in what i am studying. So I told him that i was an actuary and explained to him that it's like mathematicien for insurance company. When I was parking, he told me to turn the steering wheel for one and a half turn. i was puzzled and didn't understand why he wanted to me do that so I was unsure of what i was doing. Then he said: 'you are scaring me...I asked you to turn for 1 turn and a half. you are a mathematicien and you can't do this?' allright...i must admit that i was silly for not understanding what he meant. i guess my brain wasn't spontaneous at the moment. But was it necesary for him to say that? i didn't shout back at him or anything. i just ignored him and he said: 'You are really scaring mathematiciens use many complicated equations but you can't understand when i tell you to turn the steerwheel for 1 and half turn. Would you understand if i tell you if i order to make two steps forward?' It was very insulting and rude. I can change to a different teacher but i don'T want too because i want to meet him again and tell him to his face how i didn't appreciate that. My mom though that he was wrong and it was unecessary for him to say that. But maybe that he was in a bad mood so he was throwing everything at me. She sugested me to tell him off in a nice way. My boyfriend said to just ignore him and finish up the courses. i am not going to see him after i finish these drving class so it doesn't matter. But i just feel that i can't get over it if i don't tell him.
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@inu1711 (5288)
• Romania
21 Aug 10
If I were you, I won't face the rude teacher again. I'm sure that he isn't going to appologize for what he said, if he was rude once, he will be rude again when you try to get an explanation. And the most important thing for you now is to learn something from the driving lessons, you have to focus to the driving lessons, not to the un-polite comments from your instructor. Just change him for another teacher and report him to his manager. Maybe he will be punished somehow this way...
• Canada
21 Aug 10
yeah I got a different instructor now. I had to remind myself there are always people who are rude and i have to get over it. More importantly, I have to finish the rest of my courses and focus on improving as you said.
@jonnifc (1021)
• Philippines
21 Aug 10
I think you should just ask for a change of instructor and tell the manager exactly why. Recount the story to them so that everyone will know how rude he was. And don't hold back on the emotions, too. Hehe! That will be doing 2 things at the same time: getting rid of him as your instructor and telling on him to his supervisor.
• Canada
21 Aug 10
well i am not the type to take any type of insults but after a good night sleep, my anger went away. So I went to take another instructor and pay the rest of my fees. he is just some nobody in my life so I'll just forget about it. If the new teacher gets rude with me as well, i won'T let it go this time.