Salt, I will give it a B - if I am a critic

United States
August 19, 2010 11:54pm CST
Wait, I can be a critic too, can I? I can express my opinion toward any movies I watch right? Recently I just saw that movie "salt"; action - packed movie starred with Angelina Jodie, my favorite actress. This movie isn't too bad, nor too good though. I just want to say that Angelina Jodie done a fine job on those action movies. You know what, I rather watch her in those action packed movie than in romantic film. But the script just not too interesting. We have seen too much spy movies; they should come up something new.
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• Philippines
21 Aug 10
This movie kind of reminds me of the 1st Mission Impossible movie done by Tom Cruise. Changing the character from Male ( initially offered to Cruise ) to female ( Angelina ) made is bit more spicy. Twist and turns made it more interesting. However, I find the movie highly entertaining and action packed but not lifelike. Jumping from 1 truck to another and to another is awfully hard to pull off. Kudos to Angie for the movie.
@laniekins (4585)
• Philippines
20 Aug 10
I've watch the movie I downloaded only. The movie was ok but not that good. It's just like "wanted". I admire Angelina for being helpful and having a big heart to love less fortunate people and even adopting children. What a good work!
@youless (94407)
• Guangzhou, China
20 Aug 10
I haven't watched this movie yet. But I have read a few discussions about this movie from Mylot. I look forward to watching this movie because it is starring by Angelina Jolie. After watching her movie called "Changling". I think she is a great movie star because I can't believe that besides action movies, she can still have a good performance in another totally different type of movie. This is why I am interested in watching her movie Salt one day. I love China
• Philippines
20 Aug 10
Same here I really like Angelina Jolie, she is really great and I like her more when she's doing action movies. I was so excited to watch this movie last Sunday, uhmm... I really expected more actions and more impossible moves from her, because she already done great actions movie before, that is why I expected more, yet I think the producer and the director didn't find moves that were greater and more amazing than those movies she has done before. Yet, is nice, not too bad, because she has done great in this movie also.