if u are given the option for rebirth ,will u choose same or different country?

@akn1961 (1035)
August 20, 2010 3:02am CST
i love my country india ,if i am given option of rebirth and choice ,then i will request god give me birth in a country where is no corruption ,no pollution and no body is poor ,no enimity only love and prosperity ,what about u?
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@pkushwaha (223)
• India
22 Aug 10
in todays world and globlisation ,world is becoming one ,i would like to be born in a country where is love ,no corrouption ,no cheating ,thx for writing.
• India
23 Aug 10
if any chance meet to mere birth i would like other country where i learn other culture, langauge , others think who is me to best , where is person do love
@deve_annrn (1857)
• Philippines
21 Aug 10
Oh.. there is no corruption there in India? I am envious.. because in Philippines.., It is so rampant and I am not proud of it.., and because of these graft and corruption.., there is so little prosperity and many who suffers poverty.., That is a sad fact but I would still choose to born in this country and born as a Filipino.., despite the situation in our country I am still proud to be me.., Filipinos are very hospitable and family-oriented.., and hard-working too., there are a lot qualities that I could be proud of..=)
@thebest1 (658)
• Romania
20 Aug 10
If you find a country like this,please tell me!I wish to go there! But if I given option of rebirth I will choose my contry again!Why?Because here is beautiful mountaigns and sea,because here we don't need a reason for a party and because i don't think that i will be happy away from my mother or my friends!