what's the maxium price you won with scratch&win?

@snipero (358)
August 20, 2010 4:28am CST
i play 1 or 2 1€ ticket every week,the maximum i won was 40€ (4000%) but i don't trust absolutely in these kind of things, i play because is beautiful sometimes dream to win a lot of money and live without problems don't working no more. i don't play online it's a legit scam :) any experiences? thanks a lot!
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@dccell (337)
• Indonesia
20 Aug 10
brother,... beleave me gambling is something that will lead you into losing all you welt , materially and spiritually , you lose your money you lose your wish to work then just dreaming about winning, brother if i may say just stay away from those kind of business.
@snipero (358)
• Italy
20 Aug 10
hehe i know my friend,i play 2€ a week not hundred,you say the true about losing welt but i think that a little dream sometimes is positive expecially in this situation where the political are able only to eat all our money giving nothing.i own a little factory,the work is fine but it's really difficult to change radically your life...i'm happy about the situation but i don't disdain a life where i can do all the things i want,sleeping (7-8 hrs) working (9-10 hrs) there's not so much time to make experiences that can complete your life...thanks a lot for your response!have a nice day!! bye