Have You Seen An Angel Before\??????????????

August 20, 2010 5:56am CST
I know they are real. Im not talking about a beautiful man/woman . im talking about the real angels,you know the messengers from God. is it possible that they walk in the earth with us. Im just curious becase i would love to have an encounter with one myself... And also are we really higher than them????
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• United States
20 Aug 10
If you smoke some pot, you will increase your chances of encountering one or maybe hundreds. You can also try the shrooms.
20 Aug 10
You have got to be kidding me, You smoke pot you damage your brains, You aint gonna be seeing any angels ok. Instead you will be seeing demons.lol Except ofcourse it has worked for you. So,what does an angel look like friend???
• United States
20 Aug 10
I don't smoke at all. I'm just saying you will increase your chances of seeing one because I thought your ability to imagine was weak. Shamans see lots of things because these things you say that can damage your brains will actually make you see a different point of view. Shamans use hallucinogens to communicate and/or see the other side, talk to gods, see ghosts and other spiritual stuff you can't normally see. I haven't seen an angel yet, I'm just trying to help you out on your dream to see angels and interact with them. I thought this was the way to go, I guess I disappointed you. I'm sorry I did my best. God bless you. I hope your brain can be more efficient on imagination so you won't need to use my suggestions. I guess people really judge by the cover and not the book.
• India
7 Oct 10
Hello, I don't know what you mean by guardian angel, lol, i never seen any, but i believe my late parents always bless me, guide me each moment, and our gods and goddesses are showering their blessings too.. i feel happy and blessed Thanks for sharing. Cheers. Professor. .
10 Oct 10
ok thats nice i d say. but there are some of em out there just like your parents too soaring the earth,helping and maybe saving people in times of distress. Thanks for the response.
@melgrace (46)
• Philippines
20 Aug 10
when i was in child i seen the angels and i can play them in my dream yeah its true..im happy that i have a dream like that. they welcome me in their paradise and I'm not thinking about my place, my family and my world and i don't have mind to go home. my eyes can sparkle when i see the garden in paradise and I interest to leave that place.when i wake up i say that its my dream? and i pray to the lord and thank that he give me a friend of angel to guide us, that wherever we go and what ever we do they always guide us. even we don't see in a real, the angel we have is always guide and help us to everything.even we are bad they always continue to guide.but we have also the angel of bad that call is demon its always giving a temptation and always pull to get bad and get accident.
20 Aug 10
In your dream, Wow,that has got to be something. And its very good. but in all have you seen them in real life? thanks for the response friend.
@lkbooi (16101)
• Malaysia
19 Nov 10
Hi luxlyangels, I haven't seen any angel before. I have seen angels shown in pictures dressed in white only. I hope I would have chance to see an angel. I feel fortunate if my dream were to come true. I think the lucky one always has a guardian angel sent by God and is always somewhere around to take good care of him all the time. Happy posting