Ramadan Kareem

prayer mat, clean praying mat,sajjada - Muslims are obligted to pray to Allah (God) five times a day. 
Muslim can pray anywhere, how ever place are expected a clean place. in that case, Muslims will use a sajjada in the house or out of in the mosque while praying(the Muslim place of worship). 
Sajjada help to substiitute a temporary mosque while praying. 
Prayer mats are decorated in different ways, including geometric patterns, floral patterns and pictures of famous mosques. Prayer mats always have an arch design on them, and this arch is pointed in the direction of Makkah. The mats will never represent in a picture or sculpture of people or animals as this is forbidden in Islam to avoid idolatry.
August 20, 2010 6:28am CST
"O you who have believed upon those before you that you may become righteous". - Al Baqara 2:183 Those who waste & ignore the obligated prayers, 1. sleep at the time of prayers at some time - 2. disgrace Fasting sacredness by foul,offensive behaviour, expression & appearance as they steal, curse, insult and lie to people 3. also if someone advised will argue and reason that it is because of fasting, Month of Ramadan is month of forgiveness, to cleans our soul, sarcifice and become person; even in christianity there is month of sacrifice, forgiveness and cleans our soul but these means not only during this month. As a person we have to consult ourself for what is right and wrong,,we also need advise from our family and closiest friend then we weight the situation all the time and we always need to care for every actions on what we do or say, to make sure that we will not be sorry at the end and regret it or be alone and suffer the consequence of our deeds. We have to forgive and forget then move on... never be stuck in the situation that we cannot change anymore..things happened already happen
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22 Aug 10
If you have hurt someone, do you have to ask their forgiveness before Ramadan begins? If they do not forgive you are you still forgiven for this offense during Ramadan? Or do you only consider sins against Allah important and not those against humans?