Is Taylor Swift Such a Good Singer?

Hong Kong
August 20, 2010 8:50am CST
Taylor Swift is one of the most popular singer nowadays. She's pretty, and she has a rather "clean" personal life. She is a great entertainer, right...but is she a good singer? I watched a few videos of her singing live...even in her "best" performances, the Grammy-winner couldn't avoid singing a few notes flat! Put her in America's Got Talent, she wouldn't have gotten past round 1! Is that what the US musical industry is about? myLotters, what do you think about her? I thought of sending an autograph request to her, but after watching videos of her singing live, I changed my mind.
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• Indonesia
20 Aug 10
wow i don't know her yet, let me check her live performance on you tube, was there right ? But, musical tastes of each person, definitely is different. Maybe there who think her "poor" performance that even a special and unique? But there could be as well, who considers his way of singing, sickening.
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@allamgirl (2145)
• Philippines
25 Nov 10
i have yet to see a live performance of taylor swift. well, i have during the vmas, it was last year i think. so i don't remember the musical details of it. even if it were true though, i still like taylor swift. she may not have the best vocals, but i think that she is a good singer, and a heck of a songwriter, especially at her age.
• Hong Kong
27 Nov 10
Have you listened to her new album "Speak Now"? In some way it's better than Fearless, in others it's not as good. She explores new territory and writes a larger variety of music. But some songs are not as catchy as those in Fearless. Does she use Autotune nowadays in live performances? Cos' she seemed to have improved a lot from the videos I've watched.
@allamgirl (2145)
• Philippines
28 Nov 10
i've heard 'mine'. i'm not sure if it's from that album though. i usually listen to individual songs, not the whole album so i don't know which songs are in the 'speak now' album. maybe she's gone back to her country roots that's why the songs aren't as catchy as the songs in 'fearless'. i don't know about autotune, since i'm not entirely sure about what that is. :)
• Indonesia
18 Sep 10
i think she's a good singer ,she has a nice sound and beside that all of the songs almost that she created and write of..
• Hong Kong
20 Sep 10
I watched a few of her live videos in 2010. They were way much better than those back in 2009, in all of which she went terribly off-tune! There are two assumptions currently in my mind: She finally used autotune. She improved her vocals. I hope it's the latter!
@lady1993 (18477)
• Philippines
7 Dec 10
I like her- not just because of her voice, but also because of her attitude. Her songs are good, her voice may not be perfect, but to me she is "pure"..a really nice girl. I think she deserves that awards too...