Which COUNTRY have a great CHOCOLATE product?

August 21, 2010 1:50am CST
I wanted to taste all countrys CHOCOLATE... I love CHOCOLATE even im a 24 yrs old man ^^ hahahaha Which do you think have the GREATEST CHOCOLATE?
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@noorhizat (209)
• Malaysia
24 Oct 10
I LOVE CHOCOLATE. then. Now I long for chocolate but only can eat it when my blood glucose is at a stable level, (I am diabetic . I use to eat at least 1 bar of chocolate a day from the local grocery shop. normal chocolate taste but chocolate is chocolate. 4 years ago I found an add for the festive season. A chocolate factory are having sales at their factory for the coming festive season. went there got a taste of their product, oooohhhh I was in heaven.. Spent some RM400 of our money that day. I keep going to the factory each time they have their sales. But now I was diagnose with diabetes. The doctor ask me to tone down on my consumption of sweeettttt. But still I can taste the heavenly taste of chocolate few time a year. That at least a good thing, when you consume to really savor the heavenly taste not to over indulge. By the way the brand that I bought was BERYL'S .
• Malaysia
24 Oct 10
1 thing to add. They do export their product. (00)
@meemingNEW (2228)
• Philippines
21 Aug 10
I love chocolate too. My ultimate favorite who I believe produces great chocolates is Switzerland. In fact, the world renowned chocolate TOBLERONE is exclusively manufactured in Switzerland. You should try some other swiss chocolates too such as Lindt Chocolates which you can add to your chocolate desserts and all other recipes. It tastes like heaven as the chocolate explodes in my mouth. Other than in Switzerland, Belgium produces topnotch chocolates. I love Belgian chocolates. It has its distinct chocolate flavor and I just can't say anything bad about it. Lastly, in the United States. Located in Hershey, Pennsylvania. Hershey's Chocolates are off the top. They are just so yummy. Such as the Hershey's Chocolate bar, Kisses, Reeses, etc. That's just about it.
23 Aug 10
Wow... U made me HUNGRY for those yummy chocolate... HOPE you'll send me some of those CHOCOLATE of yours meeming ^^ hehehe Looks like your a big time one there, coz you can buy every chocolate you want... hahaha