what should be my top priority..family or career..?

August 21, 2010 9:53am CST
.i am a full time mother since i gave birth to my 1 year and 8 months old son..my last job was in a Korean company that i worked as a Executive Secretary to the Chairman..as an empLoyee we all know that I am entitled to Maternity Leave (usually for 2months)..I was supposed to go back to work on Feb18,09..i failed to d0 so because I dont have anybody to take care of my baby..the nanny that's supposed to take care of my baby didnt show up..and my inLaws are quite oLd to tend to a new born baby..(my baby's 2 months then)..my boss told me that if i wont report on that date..iLL lose my job..so as a mother i chose my s0n..but of course!m0nths have passed and im still unemployed c0z ive focused on taking care of my baby.its a really job taking care of a baby!.(im the only one to take care of him c0z his dad is w0rking abroad)..n0w i want t0 g0 back to w0rk..but i d0nt know where t0 start..it also breaks my heart t0 think that iLL be leaving my s0n to s0mebody eLse's hand..i want t0 work because i think my inLaws are taking it againts me that i am jobLess.what should i d0..?any advice fr0m m0ther's out there..?ill appreciate it very much!
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@PDBME2 (1023)
• United States
21 Aug 10
Well if you can do without working I would just stay home. I have heard so many stories from people that abuse children, kill them, molest, etc. It's a sad world and unless you can really find someone who you really trust then you should stay home. It's hard to just rely on one income but it can be done. We have five kids and I stay at home. Just this year my daughter started kindergarten so I might look for part time work but my husband said "Try to be at home..."
22 Aug 10
im also scared for my baby that his babysitter will d0 something to him.and i wont know it.especially that he cant express himself yet!im really in a tough mess..i really l0ve my son and im really torn..!tnx f0r sharing!
@ynahh1 (454)
27 Aug 10
For me as a young mother my top priority is my family! i Wanted to see every single steps that my baby made!I want to cherish the moment they achieve one thing in life.There is the saying that if a person is successful in her career her family are not in the contrary if your successful in your family you failed in your career.But still the choice is yours.
@shia88 (4582)
• Malaysia
27 Aug 10
Hi, Don't get yourself depress over this issue. Have a good chat with your husband,give him a call and let him know your situation. I guess you are staying with your in-laws?If yes,then it is a good alternative for you to get a maid/nanny to help you takecare of your son while you are working. Since your in-laws are at home, you can spare a free thought on whether the maid will takecare your son properly or not.Ask your in-laws to pay some attention to your maid/nanny. It is good for you to go back to work again..at least you will have your own income and not out from society. I really wish I can go back to work too. I also stay as homemaker since I gave birth to my son. Nobody can help me takecare of my son...so I have to do it myself. I do stayed with my in-laws,but my mother in law has her own things to do. somemore I don;t like to depend on someone,so I decided to takecare of my son myself. I hope by the time my son has started his primary level, I can start to work again.
@youless (93191)
• Guangzhou, China
22 Aug 10
Since you don't have anybody to help you to take care of your baby. Then it seems you have one option only. I know it is difficult, but there is no better choice. Your baby is so little. Just wait until your baby can go to the kindergarten, then you can start to try to find a job. Good luck and I hope everything will be good for you. I love China