Is Obama a Muslim?

August 21, 2010 12:59pm CST
I don't want to be mean to him, and honestly, he's one US presidents that I admired most. So it bothered when people start thinking he's a Muslim. There's really nothing wrong with being a Muslim, the problem is that some people associates it with terrorism. So what do you think, is he really a Muslim? And if he is, what is the implication of this towards him being a leader and towards the people he serves?
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• United States
22 Aug 10
I cannot and will not share my opinion or views of Barack Obama on the basis of whether he is American or Muslim.. However I will say this when he mentioned his support for the construction of a mosque to be built near the site of ground zero home of the World Trade Center in NYC alot of people were up in arms about the idea of a place for religious worship being built nearby among these people were the spouses, sons & daughters, even emergency workers who helped that fateful day searching amidst rubble to find survivors and remove the bodies of those who did not survive. And... this is understandable the anguish and pain they felt toward the terrorist bombers who forced the plane to crash into the building but for many people it is a memory many wish to forget and this only fuels the anger and sadness those same people felt the day it happened is it true they feel betrayed and perhaps even disrespected that the land around the WTC building land that is hallowed and revered even if nearby the idea of a mosque for many is a sign that perhaps Obama supports what Al Qaeda did to the US and that perhaps by allowing a mosque to be built perhaps people will somehow believe that secret terrorism training will be going on behind closed doors and would be an omen of things to come? but what do I know?