How do you enjoy your life?

August 21, 2010 1:04pm CST
There are times, I really dont know how to spell the true meaning of enjoyment. Where, in most times of my life, what I feel is just a sort of happiness. Happiness that easily gets in and easily gets out. Happiness that is just a temporary feeling that you can feel then will be erase on a snap of an hour. There are times, I dont know what to do with my life. That I dont know what I did why these situations happens. That, I dont know how to enjoy life anymore. That, I dont know what I can do to feel the true enjoyment of life. That, what can contribute to the true meaning of enjoyment. Any help or suggestions are welcome. Maybe if you can give a contribution in order for me to feel somehow the true meaning of this word "enjoyment".
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@indahfth (11172)
• Indonesia
22 Aug 10
Actual enjoyment of life, very difficult for us to get. Enjoyment of life will surely be felt every person, even if pleasure is felt only briefly. We do not need to seek what is the meaning of pleasure. We better enjoy it well, when pleasure is felt.
• United States
21 Aug 10
I define enjoyment equally with contentment. Since I have many bad situations in my life I can fully say I am not content, which hence leads to unhappiness. Sure we have had a chuckle or to, but how many times between each chuckle have we really been happy. In order to have true happiness friend, I have to say that everything in ones life must be in full order. Unfortunately we are living a time when most of us cannot ascertain what we want let alone what we need. Sorry I could not be of much help with your discussion, I just wanted to add that you are not alone.