DEPRESSION!!! does this takes ur life out

August 21, 2010 2:00pm CST
it is the biggest disease i feel!! it not only affects ur mood and affects ur body...the way you live...the way u eat u sleep u talk everything do u think people under depression can have onetime solution
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@p3ks626 (6550)
• Philippines
22 Aug 10
I have a friend who is having some depression now. It surely affected his life and we as his friends always do something about it cause we didnt like looking at him like that as if he had no direction in his like. Anyway, i think we should always be strong in facing the challenges that we have in our lives.
• India
25 Aug 10
hi, please make ur freind come out of it...... ask him/her to involve them self in thr interested things.......................... it may be watching comedy movies,listening nice music(u know few heeling musics in sites like mainly he should be carrying his smile instead of thinking the bad incidents ..ofcourse its easy to say from others point of view, but unless we take that as a lesson or learning process we cannot face more issues which is ready in life all the time..... please tell ur friend only when they face the issues and sort this out they grow really stronger in mind !!!! its always a time for goodness to float around, goodness will come on our when it sees happiness on our face,cheer him up and be happy:)
@len1415 (195)
• Philippines
27 Aug 10
It will, once you let it...Still i believe that no matter how weak our humanity is, we can control everything that we feel, we do, we learn, we think, we imagine, we say...etc. God gave us a gift that no other creature has...FREEDOM! If you say this is a disease, then, freedom form it is the CURE!