what kind of response you will as it best response of all

@sarath49 (762)
August 21, 2010 9:19pm CST
should that response touch your heart or be have a feel in your brain. should that be really related to your original post. what will you term the response as it is the best from all others while you mark it as the best one.
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• Bangladesh
22 Aug 10
when I write a post, there must be a thought in my brain to have a great respond, of course related to my query if I look for an answer. If it's about opinion, I might seek the same opinion that supports me or reverse but if it gives me the concrete example that made me believe to agree with his or her view. When I choose the best response, it always matter, how I receive the idea. It also depends on my moods. It might not be the actual answer or information that makes me think the best but it must be interesting and serve best my interest. When I feel that i got all the information from a particular response, which is so close to reality, logical, have good evidence to prove it as true, interesting, informative, and qualitative...I never hesitate to give it the best respond marking...though I take sometimes with a hope that I might get more good answers if I wait a bit. Generally it ranges from 2-3 days. or sometimes I just rank as long as a response fulfills all the criteria that I'm looking for.