Why do men like to drink alot when they just tend to do stupid things when drunk

August 21, 2010 10:00pm CST
I always wonder why men likes to drink a lot when in the end they just tend to do stupid things when they get drunk and regret it later. I know and I see a lot of instances wherein accidents, crimes and infidelities are committed by men who are in the influence of alcohol and drunk. We all see and hear it the news that most accidents and crimes were committed because these men were in the influence of alcohol. In the case of married men who are fond of going to bars with friends, they enjoy drinking a lot and in the end they just tend to do stupid things like cheating and being unfaithful to their wives. Can they not just drink moderately and learn how to say No when they already had enough??? I just can't understand why is it so hard for them to control themselves??? Why, why, why???
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@jennyze (7048)
• Indonesia
23 Aug 10
Because that is the only way they can get together with other guys and have fun; like boasting to each other about themselves, or the family, or their scores with girls or women.
• Philippines
22 Aug 10
Well, I guess it is mainly because they are getting this confidence to do these "stupidities" when they are drunk. Let's admit it. Stupidities are fun. Men are just looking for some fun so they want to get drunk. SO they can make fun of themselves and they will be able to do things without thinking about anybody. :) Happy mylotting!
• Philippines
22 Aug 10
It's because it may seem stupid but it's fun. When having fun we just don't care how stupid we look. Plus, life is all about having fun right? :)