PS3 Jailbreak

August 22, 2010 6:35am CST
So what do you think guys about the PS3 jailbreak (modchip)? After all these videos and confirmations from many sites I think PS3 scene got something for real, something better than old z-pack. Something, that works. But I must admire they want too much money as for an usb stick with some microchip. For 169$ I can buy at least 4 new, used games, in perfect condition. So I'll stay with my boxed games than pirated ones. What about you?
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• Canada
25 Nov 10
i don't know, i was trynna figure that out not to long ago. wasn't really working for me at all. even with the newer version for the 3.50 firmware. but guess to answer your question, i'd probaly stick with the boxed games then look for the proper download files and jazz for the game i want. but as one of the other guys pointed out you can always store your games on an external drive wich is pretty wicked, could bum a game off of a buddy then just pass it back afterwards and still jam that game when ever you wanted. so in a snese it would be nice to be able to do, just a pain in the a*s to do swince you gotta do the stupid surveys before you can down load the file wich never works out how i want it too. (sorry for the lenthy response lol)
• United States
16 Oct 10
MODDED CoD:MW2 LOBBIES FOR THE WIN! That why I'm here to tell the truth. I need $4.50 on a paypal. Obviously I'm for modding but $169 is a LOT! You also need to have the right (outdated) firmware. I suggest you look around and see if you can't get one cheaper. I think ITouchs, IPhones, and IPads work as a good sub instead of the modchip.
• Philippines
10 Oct 10
yeah i agree. But i think it would cheaper to just store your games on an external hardrive through that Jailbreak dongle. Also on the good side, you wont wear your Playstation 3 lens since you wouldnt be using discs.
@o0jopak0o (6406)
• Philippines
25 Aug 10
well i will because its cheaper in the long run