Have you ever sold your instrument and then missed it & regret it so much?

August 22, 2010 8:15am CST
Once, i was active playing the bass guitar at the university. I got a band, played for the university, played for functions and etc. But then, i took a wrong decision to sell my Ibanez GSR 180 bass guitar and Ashton 30W bass amplifier for damn cheap price. In my laptop, i have a collection of over than 300 live videos. Now, everytime i see the videos, my fingers are like searching for the fretboard. I'm not financially fit to buy another bass guitar now and I don't have friends to jam with.
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• United States
25 Aug 10
i am one that went through that, i had a taylor triple kneck electric acoustic and i just loved the guitar and money got tight with a daughter and everything and i sold it at a third of what i paid for it. now when i see a musician even playin a double kneck always makes me remeber how stupid i was to let "my baby" go...
• Malaysia
27 Aug 10
ya..it hurts!
• Philippines
14 Oct 10
I went through this a couple of months ago. I was planning to propose to my girlfriend then. I actually had enough money to buy an engagement ring, but I wanted to express how much she means to me by giving up something really really dear to me --- my 80's G&L L2000. Sold the bass to a friend for a good price. And as fairy tales go, I am now happily married. Although I miss the G&L terribly, especially when I see my friend use it at gigs, I actually don't regret selling the bass. In fact I'm really filled with so much joy whenever I see the engagement ring on my wife's finger. It gives it so much more meaning.