Would you kill yourself? (The rights to kill yourself)

@bloemart (222)
August 22, 2010 4:43pm CST
One day Mike found out that he has the one of the scariest diseases AIDS. He had a one night stand with a woman who is a totally strangers from the bar. Actually, he is getting married with his girlfriend. They have been together for 2 years. He has never mentioned about his condition. He is afraid to tell it to her and he is also afraid that his girlfriend has got the disease. He set a party for everybody. He invited his friends, parents, girlfriend, co-workers, and even his big bosses. Tonight is the night. His last night, His farewell party. He will not go to another country nor be promoted. But this is his last night. He will say goodbye to everybody. He will just enjoy his last night with those special people he invited. He will tell how much he loves them, of course, he will not tell about his cursing disease. He will eat everything what he wants, he will drink until he is really drunk. This is his farewell party. A farewell that nobody will see him but a dead body. Someone knows about his condition is his doctor. He knows that he has AIDS. Mike asked him on how to kill himself in a calm way, without feeling a pain, with bleeding. The doctor understood his situation. He gave some information about a drug that he should inject to kill himself gradually, without any pain. He decided not to go to the party. If you are on Mike's situation, Would you do that killing yourself to escape your present situation?
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• United States
26 Aug 10
I'm sure I would be extremely devastated when finding out I have this awful disease, but killing myself would be going overboard because I don't believe it's right to take anyone's life, including my own. Mike appears to be acting selfishly by not being honest with his innocent girlfriend about the possibility of her having aids also. I don't understand how his doctor could be a real doctor, while guiding him on how to slowly kill himself. If anything he should be trying to encourage him to do the right thing and think about his girlfriend and family and not just finding a way out of the hole he dug for himself. I know people have the right to make their own decisions, but when other people are involved, we shouldn't just ignore how it's affecting them.
@bololobo (177)
• Thailand
24 Aug 10
no,I wouldn't, there always have another way to solve that problem. I've many people live strong and useful for society even they have got AIDS. So why doesn't he tell her girlfriend and solve the problem together
@hestylim (1211)
• Indonesia
23 Aug 10
I.. Probably, I will do the same as Mike did. It is too hard to face, I guess. Though I know it is wrong to destroy self.. But, it is useless for me to still alive.. I will not ask how to die without pain.. But I will ask whether I will feel pain while I suffer that disease. I would spend my time alone in far far away place.. in a village or wherever, then do all the good things, do all "farewell".. Just trying to do all the good things before I should go..