Made in the USA

United States
August 22, 2010 4:45pm CST
is a great slogan, but carrying it through is a whole 'nother thing. Think about this seriously. We have loaded down our companies with so many rules and regulations and bowed to every request ecological groups, which in turn have made our products enormously expensive, especially when added to the salaries demanded by unions. BUT, our fabulous leaders - Democrats and Republicans - will bring in products from every other country in the world without regard to lead in the toys or dishes, etc., or that any other safety rules have been followed - all in the name of global trade. Go to any store. Check out a variety of items from clothing to electronics to toys. How many are made in the USA? How many are shipped here from China? India? Japan? Pakistan? Kuwait? Germany? Spain? Bet you find very few from America. Why demand we follow the staggering rules and regulations, but allow store after store to be loaded with items, often dangerous items, from countries that care little for people, but much for profits. I see people condemning Walmart for having things made in countries where child labor is used. Friends, Walmart is the tip of the iceberg. You'll find items in Macy's and Sears, Big Lots and Target, and almost any other store from those same countries using the same labor. The only reason Walmart is picked out to hassle is that they do not have unions and after what I've seen with the union bosses and the current administration holding hands, I have to congratulate Walmart on standing firm against them. I wish every item sold everywhere was made by adults in free countries, or by adults in our on country, but our laws, rules, regulations and taxes are literally pushing companies to move overseas, where the hassles won't be so great and they can lower their safety restrictions, and actually make profits and decide on their own what to do with those profits. What do you think? If we are going to put these demands on our American companies, should we do the same for any item coming in from other countries?
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