Top Merketing Strategies and Phrases that are very enticing!!

August 22, 2010 4:48pm CST
You would want something in your website to attract people that would seek for your products and services. There are lots of great marketing phrases that we all come across with during the times when we browse some websites, read through the newspapers, advertisements, commercials etc. lets us all learn and share some of the best marketing phrases that we know or came across with! These are some samples: add something up if you can or just post a comment. "We have a list of more than satisfied customers. It's time for you to be included in our list." "We have a customer support 25/8" (from 24/7) "Get ready to experience the value of our product and get free discount of up to 75%" "Get it now until supplies last" "Back by popular demand" "Cutting-edge and breakthrough" "Going out of Business sale" "Giving 110%" "Huge savings" "Loaded with options" "a must-see" "Experience this once in a lifetime" "Personal Service" "Quality workmanship" "Take advantage of this" Now guys please share of some ideas that you think. Thank you
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