How Can Someone Whose Country is Under Paypal Restriction Get Paid?

August 23, 2010 10:08am CST
Is there a way for someone to earn a living and get paid to do online jobs? I have a friend from Iran and she wanted to do some online job but the thing is most sites are paying through paypal or alertpay. Iran is one of the countries that these establishments don't deal with. So is there any other way?
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@thebest1 (658)
• Romania
23 Aug 10
Your friends can use another "online banks" like perfect money or moneybookers,or can choose get payment by check,if his country isn't accepted by paypal and alertpay.Or he can makes a deal (if he has a friend in another country accepted by paypal)and get money in account of another people,from another country. All the best!
• Philippines
23 Aug 10
Seems like this is the most logical thing to do however quite risky as well. Since how can someone trust someone else with money nowadays especially if they are countries apart...whew wish it was not as complicated.
@MDG2211 (711)
• Argentina
25 Aug 10
unfortunately there is nothing to be done, must await the lifting of restrictions, which do not know if it will happen someday. One possibility is to find sites that accept other means of payments. You should tell your friend to find out what methods of payment are accepted in their country and from there look for trusted sites to work or accept such payment systems.
@Devilova (5396)
• Indonesia
23 Aug 10
Well there are so much ways to get paid like Liberty Reserve, Western Union, Webmoney, etc. The only problems is not much site use all of them, and perhaps they also not support in Iran. Just check the country list of them.
• Malaysia
23 Aug 10
An Iranian can directly communicate with the site's administrator via email in getting an authentic answer for; YES or NO or other alternatives mode of payments. I mean for the medium paymasters.
• United States
23 Aug 10
My suggestion when joining any site is to go directly to the webs terms of service and read whether or not they use some other form of pay out. If they only use pay pal well all you did was sign up and no loss time. Unfortunately unless they have other methods there is nothing you can do.
• Philippines
23 Aug 10
I don't know..coz paypal and alertpay is the most convenient way to pay online jobs.
@ivansama (761)
• Bulgaria
23 Aug 10
Um....wait for the restriction to be removed? That's the only way , sorry!