August 23, 2010 10:28pm CST
How can you know who's your real friends? One day your hanging out with someone and the next day this person is talking behind your back. How can you know who to trust. Do you think that real friend exists? Have you ever experienced betrayal? Betrayed by someone who you think is your friend but actually is two faced?
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@picjim (3003)
• India
24 Aug 10
Time will reveal who are best friends are .Don't rush into deep friendship immediately.There will be many instances which happen and these will reveal those who help us and those who backbite.Those who betray us aren't worth thinking about.Just think of them as riff raff and go on with your life.
24 Aug 10
Trust them.. Then you'll know in the end if he/she a trustworthy one or not.... Thats what i'm doing when im making friends... ^^
• Philippines
24 Aug 10
There are a lot of people like this. You have to choose wisely who you hang out with or next thing you know you're the laughing stock of the day.