What if you can date anyone you like, who will that be?

August 24, 2010 6:47am CST
If i can date anyone I would probably date my long time crush since high school. how about you guys who will be your dream date?
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• Quezon City, Philippines
24 Aug 10
for me what matters is that the two people going out on a date really likes each other. the date wouldn't work if it's only one person who likes the date. so, i wouldn't date anybody else but my hunny love (my future husband). i'd like to go on a fancy date with him. it would sure be fun and romantic because we love each other. for me all that matters :)
• Philippines
25 Aug 10
thanks for the reply i guess you're right that if you want to date someone there should be feelings or you like each other. Because if you dont for sure you'll just get bored on your date.
@ifa225 (11098)
• Indonesia
29 Aug 10
Robert Pattinson. But when he act like Edward Cullen.I prefer to date Edward than Robert
@jaiho2009 (39001)
• Philippines
24 Aug 10
I only had one person in mind when it comes to this question and no other than NICOLAS CAGE. I had a crush on him since he started his career by in the late 90's and until now.
@sizzle3000 (3040)
• United States
24 Aug 10
Ha that question is easy for both me and my daughter. Our husbands. I met my husband while I was young and still partying and my daughter met her's back in high school. So as you can see we both got really lucky. Me with my husband already knowing the wild side of me and my daughter marrying her high school sweet heart.
@p3ks626 (6550)
• Philippines
24 Aug 10
With the kind of emotion I am having now, I think anybody will do as long as he is able to understand me and he is able to feel what I am feeling. If he knows how to respect my wants then I think i would go out with him. At times like you are down, you just wanted to be with someone else.