terrorism- so hard to face

@hemsagar (286)
August 24, 2010 10:15am CST
why are these terrorists so much after the normal people . they just seem to be against the people and not the government and its policies recently 31 people in Somalia were killed.why do they have to do this Africa i think are facing the worst forms of terrorism.I pity them a lot. The world is just concentrated on terrorism in Pakistan-Afghanistan. why aren't they concentrating on helping`the people in Africa. i think we all should recommend the govs to help these people. there is a large amount of people living there without food the govt should take care of these.
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@thebest1 (658)
• Romania
24 Aug 10
Hi,hemsagar! I hate terrorists and I don't know if I can call "people"!what they do is a terible thing:killing people.For what reason?Just for their opinion?Who give them this right to killing people?Yes,better they help people with money used for weapons! I hope they will be stop this stupid "war"against inocent people! Have a good day!
@hemsagar (286)
• India
24 Aug 10
when will they stop those people must be seriously dealt with dont pity on any of those brutal killers like they did to kasab.