Will the Toronto Maple Leafs ever win a Stanley Cup in my lifetime?

United States
August 24, 2010 5:08pm CST
Sadly, my wait is approaching 40 years. They're becoming the Cubs of the NHL.
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@vwc2239 (13)
• Canada
10 Oct 10
I too am a leafs fans that has waited their whole life to see them win a stanley. I think we have a team this year that can do it. The question is will they want it bad enough. They are starting off right this season, which they usually dont do, so maybe this will be our year.
@Lorel1 (1)
• Canada
31 Aug 10
I too have been waiting 40 years. I remember my Father telling me how proud he was when the Leafs won. He was sure when Ballard left we'd have a chance. Alas that was not to be. I agree with an earlier post that now money is everything. It has become so expense to go to the games. Continuing to watch a team lose out is so depressing.
@becks66 (69)
• Canada
26 Aug 10
If they don't give away their first round picks and start to build a team for the future... yes :-) But honestly the Toronto Maple Leafs don't have to win to make money that's probably why they have such a bad management for the player picks. It just doesn't matter the ACC is sold out anyway. People shouldn't go to the games anymore but that will never happen with all the business that's involved in the ACC. I think as long as they make money without reaching even the playoffs they won't invest in a good team.