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@xlinzixx (511)
August 24, 2010 6:32pm CST
hi everyone ive just joined up to lulu a site that allows you to write and publishes books for you. Ive just completed my first ebook its a short children's story about a clown thats on sale quite cheap ive just published it and wondered if anyone had any advice on how i could advertise my book to attract customers. any help is appreciated. happy mylotting.
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• India
15 Aug 12
Good to hear about this, what is your experience with lulu? As you created this topic 2 years before, surely you had a good experience with this site. I too planned to join with this site
• Singapore
29 Oct 11
I'm thinking of publishing a book as well. It may not be a book at Lulu. I would definitely want it already printed out, if I could find a place to market it. I would go to certain schools to see if you could put a flyer into the children's schoolbag. Any books sold through the school, the school gets a cut from it. Just an idea!
@Arkine (216)
• United States
10 Jun 11
Okay, I realize you wrote this like 10 months ago, but I thought I'd reply anyway. If you wnt to market, then I would suggest finding forms that you can post a link to (since that's an ebook). Also, try finding websites that deal with children's books and ask if you can post a link on those sites. Print out flyers, with tear-off tabs (with the link address on them) and ask if you can post those in local grocery stores or libraries; the tear-off tab will allow people to take the addy home with them, if they want to. Anyhow, hope this helps.