Brewers honor Bud Selig

United States
August 24, 2010 6:35pm CST
The Brewres honored Bud Selig today with a statue of him outside of Miller Park. If it wasn't for Bud Selig we won't have the Milwaukee Brewers! Bud brought baseball back to Milwaukee! Wisconsites are so glad he did! Brewer greats like Hank Aaron,Paul Molitor and Robin Yount where there. Along with Sentate Heb Kohl and Brewer owner Mark Attansio! Alot of people will remember Bud Selig as the current comissioner of MLB. He has done alot for baseball and has had made his share of mistakes. Steriods will overcloud Selig commisssioner days. I'll remember him helping get Miller Park buildt and starting inter-league play the most! We love you Bud!
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