What do you like better werewolves or zombies movies?

United States
August 24, 2010 8:01pm CST
I have always admired a good zombie movie. Its always popular with horror fans. Something about eating and slowly destroying everything is fun. Plus it always captures the human instinct of survival and working under stress.
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@gnomeland (421)
25 Aug 10
hi treefolk, i guess i'd have to say zombie movies get my vote because they don't have to wait until a certain time of the month and they can be killed in so many 'creative ways'. werewolves are so cool when you watch them change though so this is'nt an easy choice but when they get you it is one pounce and a quick rip to the throat unless you just get bitten and turn into one yourself of course. with zombie movies they can get you fast or slow but you never know if you are gonna be a whole meal for one or a human feast for a crowd of flesh hungry zombies.you see funny zombie and werewolf films but the zombies always tend to be dressed like your parents or the guy across the street so you get to imagine that this could happen in your hometown more so than in the forest wher most werewolves hang out.