Can you picket picketers?

By Link
United States
August 24, 2010 8:11pm CST
I was just reading about Fred Phelps and his whole lot and what he believes and stuff. Crazy man, even people of his own religion don't like him. Anyway, they picket tons of stuff and basically try to spread hate and say they are spreading their god's word or whatever. So I'm wondering if anyone has every picketed picketers? I mean these people go to military funerals and say "Thank god for dead soldiers" and stuff. Couldn't there be another crowd picketing these people with signs like "God hates haters", or "you're old! you smell! Die and go to hell!" Ok so the last one is pretty mean and hateful itself, but still... Or maybe just quietly and respectfully holding signs up supporting the grieving families and signs in memory of their dead loved ones to thank them and show support even when there are hateful people around? Has there every been an instance where people have picketed a group of picketers?
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@celticeagle (121129)
• Boise, Idaho
25 Aug 10
I haven't heard of an instence but I have seen people taken away by the truck load for picketing where they weren't wanted. I think it would be great to have picketers for the other side out there. They have the right. I think that is a great idea and someone should start doing it!