Do you think that USA is most racist country in thw world?

August 25, 2010 3:03am CST
What is you opinion.
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@dollar3235 (2063)
• India
25 Aug 10
A few of close relatives live in USA and UK. I have never been to either of these country, however, whatever I have heard, it seems that USA is better than UK as far as racism is concerned. Also, after what happened with Indians in Australia, I have no doubt is naming it as most racist country in the world. They also show the same intent while they play cricket, so that also adds to my point of view.
25 Aug 10
I have lived in both USA and UK. There is a lot of racism in the States, I will give it that, but I also think that people mistake fear of the unknown for racism. The one major difference about living in the states and living in the UK is how people approach issues. In the UK people are taught to choose their own opinion, in the States, sometimes people choose their own opinion, but most often their opinions are influenced by those around them. In the States, people are just a lot more ignorant about issues and circumstances in the world. You live in your community and rush from place to place in your car and often have very little contact with others, at least meaningful contact. Going to a pub in the States means you are going to get drunker than a skunk. In the UK you go with your mates for a pint and discuss the day and life. There is a lot more interest in the world, it seems, in the UK.
@urbandekay (18312)
25 Aug 10
Hard to say without living there but the impression I get is that there is far more racism in USA than UK all the best urban