Which is more important- Money or Love?

@tatturoy (139)
August 25, 2010 6:27am CST
my friend is having a terrible problem.he works very long hours.his wife always complains that he has no time for his family. but my friend has his own reasons. he says that without working he will not able to maintain his current state of living.to maintain his family,to happy happy,he has to work long hours.but his wife feels that there's no harm if he gives a little time to his family also.friends please suggest what can be the solution?
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@enyniya (300)
• Bulgaria
25 Aug 10
I admire this man! I believe that each and every person should always rely on their instincts and as it looks like your friend knows that providing a high standard for his family takes time (long working hours). Just support him, there is no solution. He has to understand that his wife needs him, that his family needs him, but his wife should understand that a man needs his job to feel worthy and if she wants to live a good life without mysery she has to put up with the long working hours. This is a catch 22, they will just have to take turns when making compromises.