August 25, 2010 7:26am CST
In our daily lives, some interesting,discomfiture,unable either to laugh or to cry things happened around us. For me, it was a unable either to laugh or to cry things happened of me about cooking, when I speak out,don't laugh me. However some of my colleagues laughed me so stupid, I can't say nothing with smile. Two friends of my husband's who visited us at the end of last week, I bought many food to cook for them, when I was busy at my kitchen, no one helped me. I was so anxious because lunch time came, so I washed and prepared the food and cook, when there had two dishes left to cook, I slipped on my floor, the ceramic dish without food was broken, I slipped and fallen heavily, my arms and buns hurt heavily. When the next morning I went to my office to work, my colleagues asked me what happened, and I told them the truth, however they laughed me so much, I felt it's helpless to meet this accident. No one can understand me, they laughed me was so childish.Mylotters, will you laugh me when I met this accident in my kitchen? How can I deal with this kind of thing? Am I real childish? Do you agree with my colleagues? Help me.
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@nayaz1625 (131)
• Mauritius
28 Aug 10
there is nothing to laugh about your accidents. These things can happen to anyone and childish and stupid are those who laugh at others. I hope you have not hurt yourself too much and wish you get very well very soon.
• China
31 Aug 10
nayaz1625, thank you for your encouragement. One of my arm was hurt, it has little hurt now, and it had some scars keep in my arm. I hope I will be better. Have a great day!
@xianelle (83)
• Philippines
25 Aug 10
There is nothing to laugh about if a person met an accident. Your friends should be concerned to you because of what had happened. You've been cooking by yourself to please your husband's visitors. Nobody is around to help you. You accidentally slipped and get hurt. With that, nobody is in any position to laugh at what happened. They should have shown concern to your health.
• China
25 Aug 10
Thank you for your respsone, xianelle. yeah, my husband help me to rub some medicine on my arms, which looks some better now, however some wound exist now. It's a long time for my husband and their friends didn't see each other, so they were chatting, smoking all the time. However I was busying in the kitchen, my husband rushed in kitchen to help me cook until he heared my scream. My husband's friens didn't laugh me, however my colleagues laughed me, they laughed me often when they saw my wounds. It's cruel for them to laugh, I can't accept, even didnt give concern to me. Because they thought they are good at cooking.