Do you like going to the beach?

ocean - sunset...
@len1415 (195)
August 26, 2010 1:09am CST
I do... It gives me peace of mind. It helps me relax. It refreshes my being. It makes me feel closer to God. It soothes my soul. It depicts serenity. It helps me renew my self. It serenades my heart. It brings back my youth. It takes away sadness. It makes me see how wonderful the world is and lets me gaze a meaningful life we have. Share your thoughts with me, how do you feel whenever you're at the beach looking at the ocean?
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@lady1993 (20691)
• Philippines
8 May 12
I love going t the beach too but i don't have much time r money since beaches here have become quite expensive.. it is quite sad since it should be open for all but business men see it as a was of making money..
15 Aug 11
I love the beach because its a get away for me as I live in the city and the local beach is about 2 hours away. It also gives me an opportunity to test out my photography skills.I also like the ocean as it relaxes me.The beach is such a beautiful place. Another reason why I like the beach so much is because me & my boyfriend had our very first date on the beach. It was just a special time. At the weekend,my family have book a coach trip to the beach. :)
• China
11 Sep 10
I do as well.My university is located by a sea,we always enjoy the fresh air blow from the sea.When I have the time,I would like to go to the seaside to see the huge sea together with the blue sky.They mix up in the distance.When there is wind,we can see the brilliant scene of the wave.Sometimes we can see the sea-gulls flying above the sea.As the proverb goes,humaneness people prefer the mountain while wisdom people prefer water.The sea can broaden our mind,lead us to think some meaningful things.
• United States
8 Sep 10
The beach recharges not just my soul by my physical self as well. When you're there, time passes you by. There's no hurrying up beating the deadline or the stress of work. It encourages you to breathe and to transport yourself to your most peaceful state. I would live here if I could :)
@youless (94742)
• Guangzhou, China
1 Sep 10
Sure, I love going to the beach because beach is so beautiful and relaxing. I like playing in the beach. If I will have a travel next time, I will choose to go to the beach. My family also likes it. I love China
@dodo19 (34311)
• Beaconsfield, Quebec
30 Aug 10
I really do enjoy the beach. I find that it's really relaxing to go to the beach. It's something that I like to do. It's something that I wish I could do more often, but at the moment, it's not really the case unfortunately.
@maximax8 (29032)
• United Kingdom
29 Aug 10
I live just three miles from the sea. I love visiting the beach so that my dogs can enjoy running up and down the sand dunes. It is special to walk along the coastline and see the fine views. I know when my children are older thy will delight me with making sand castles. I like listening to the waves splash against the shore. The sea air is salty and fresh. I enjoy feeling the sun on my back and like watching the waves dance about. Looking at the sea and the beach renews my spirit and gives me lots of strength for walking. When I feel sad seeing the ocean makes me feel happy. The sea soothes my body and takes away any aches. I like to dip my feet into the sea water if it possible. I come home feeling much refreshed after I have been to the seaside. My local beaches are not possible for swimming due to sinking mud and a dangerous tide. However I like to swim in hot countries when it is safe to do so. Most of all I adore visiting tropical beaches in other countries.
• Quezon City, Philippines
28 Aug 10
you're right about going to the beach - it's simply amazing.. for me going to the beach is the perfect getaway from the bustles of the world. it's a great way to enjoy or be intimate with someone, or just to relax, be soothed, and forget about all your cares. it's also a nice chance to reconnect with nature, God, and your self. going to the beach is perfect for soul searching :)
@fherfher (259)
• Philippines
26 Aug 10
I love going to the beach. Its so refreshing. I love the blue color of the sea and the smooth touch of the white sand. I do snorkeling every time we're on the beach. And tried the dolphin watching at Panglao, Bohol. It was so amazing. Beach feel me like i am a new person, no problems, no stress, no depression, it just me.
@kquiming (2999)
• Philippines
26 Aug 10
I love windy days on the beach... I enjoy going there with friends and family. Especially in summer. But there are no beaches anywhere nearby where I am located now so I really miss it.
@puccagirl (7316)
• Israel
26 Aug 10
Yes, I do! I love it! There is something about the ocean and the sea that just calms me down and makes me feel better instantly. So I try to do it as often as I can. It is also great for dinners, picnics or romantic dates I think!
@deve_annrn (1857)
• Philippines
26 Aug 10
I can see how the beach soothes you because it does the same thing to me too..especially when it's high tide during sunset.. I love to walk by the beach and enjoy the serenity of God's creation.., How wonderfully he made our world.., It's my way of relaxing.., unwind the thoughts in my head.., it's nice!