Have you had a recurring dream???

@SimpleBB (1332)
August 26, 2010 7:13am CST
We're all experienced different kinds or types of dreams while we're sleeping. Of course, if we had bad dreams, we don't want it to occur in our dreams again, quite the opposite of our good and beautiful dreams. I usually had dreams of different types. But I experienced to have a recurring dream that keeps me wondering why, it's not a bad on though, it simply about marrying a man completely unknown to me. The scenario, the place, the people..these are all the same and it recurred i think for five times only during my younger years and it was gone now. But it's better to have like that one rather than nightmares..lol. Have you experienced the same? How did you deal with it as well as interpret it?
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@tianly (39)
• China
26 Aug 10
I dont know how to interpret this kind of phenomenons, but I know that when there are things in your mind and sometimes you recalled it again and again, or there are things you are longing for, the things will appear in dreams. or the excitation of the life, can be the reason of dreams